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Out of Context

by John Gosslee

Redaction is always a collaborative project, or perhaps a parasitic one. Item B would not exist without item A. In redaction, the original text, the first author, does most of the heavy lifting, or at minimum creates the context and possibility for the redactor. Of the many kinds of literary redaction, the most common has the redactor comb an entire book, article, or chapter, and the redactor carefully picks what words and passages to include. In the intuitive method, the redactor selects books from a range of emotional stances or by some other criteria before the blackout process is applied. William Burroughs popularized the random approach, in which pages of books are cut into individual words and placed in a new order. In Out of Context, John Gosslee does something at once new and yet deeply rooted in this tradition.

To better explore his relationship with the works that form the current poetry world around him, Gosslee decided to select numerous books by contemporary poets and redact poems from each book – why not? Gosslee points out, It’s just poetry, after all, no living organisms are harmed in the process of poeming – The rules: the same number of poems from each book; redaction on the second read; one pass, no revisions. Press Otherwise’s edition is only a selection of the 333 poems Gosslee eventaully blacked out.
80 pages
70T/110C Domtar Natural/French Paper Construction/Mohawk Astrobright Orange
Perfect bound
2C Risograph printing

Edition of 200

ISBN#: 978-0-9909555-4-2

Published by Press Otherwise

3255 E Glenn St.
Tucson AZ, 85716