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Isla de los estados ‘Expreso’


Jardín de Instantes
Sueño Colectivo
Oscuro Venusino
Balanceo (DJ Pareja Remix)

“For years, Isla de los estados has been one of the major players in the enthusiastic Argentinian electronic pop scene. The band, formed by Flavio Etcheto, Lolo Gasparini and Mariana Monjeau, try to add a more anatomically accurate pulse to their precise laboratory sound. In the voice of Gasparini, distant yet personal, is the key: her presence brings the humanity that the songs require.

Expreso is one of those discs that are discovered little by little, composed of solitary, nocturnal climates ( "Sueño Colectivo", "Expreso", the desolate landscape of "Oscuro Venusino" ), but also sophisticated dance ( "Gozo" and "Mejor Escapar", in which appear the more 80's-sounding keyboards that have been heard since, well... the 80's!).

In these two tracks stands out the performance of one of the album's guets: electronic musician and producer Kelley Polar, who provides strings and synthesizers. The other remarkable guest is the omnious presence of Gustavo Cerati -Etcheto is an old friend of Gustavo- who brings its subtle guitar in ‘Ecoecos’.”

~ Jota Pérez, Rolling Stone Magazine

Isla de los estados: Loló Gasparini, Flavio Etcheto, Mariana Monjeau.
All songs written by Etcheto/Gasparini.
Guest musicians: Gustavo Cerati, Kelley Polar.
Recorded & mixed by Flavio Etcheto in Estudios Faro.
Mastering by Eduardo Bergallo/Puro Mastering.
Grapic design by Ezequiel Black.
Jacket layout by Mariano Spina/Novoa.
Kirlian photography by Marta I. Villafañe.
Manufactured by Unwork, Inc.


3255 E Glenn St.
Tucson AZ, 85716